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The Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering

About the Department 
At present, the department provides education in the Chemistry and Materials bachelor programme, specifically in two specialisations Chemistry and Technology of Materials and Chemistry of Materials applied in Automotive Industry. In addition, the Department provides education in the following bachelor programmes: Biomaterials for Surgical Applications and Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Artefacts – Handicraft Items. 
In the master degree, the Department ensures education in the Chemie materiálů a materiálové inženýrství study programme, namely in the Metallic Materials specialisation. It also participates in the tuition of specialisations Nanomaterials and Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Artefacts.
In the PhD degree, the Department ensures tuition in the study programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials, namely in the specialisation Metallurgy.
Generally, the Department provides tuition in 38 courses per academic year (6 of which for the PhD study programme) and participates in tuition of 4 other courses. In the academic year 2011 / 2012, there are 21 students studying for the bachelor degree, 32 students for the master degree and 13 students for PhD degree. 
In terms of structure, the Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering consists of three working groups (physical metallurgy, chemical metallurgy, corrosion engineering), each of which contributes in their own specific way to the tuition process and research activities. 
The Department co-organises several conferences specialising in metallic materials and corrosion, namely, the Aluminium conference focusing on the development of light alloys, the ACE conference focusing on corrosion and corrosion protection of materials and the Microscopy and non-destructive testing of materials conference. 
The Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering established the Josef Koritta Foundation, hich was registered in November 1994. For detailed information about the Josef Koritta Foundation click here. 

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